Sexism Hurts Women. And Men Too.

There are many ways sexism hurts women. But what isn’t clear is how sexism hurts men. By re-enforcing the stereotype that women are kind and men are strong, any step out of the current gender stereotypes threshold will be called out. For instance, modern media is the primary way that sexism is reinforced in our culture. We observe the way men and women are treated through advertisements, songs, magazines—and this plays into the big image of getting their message across. Their message tells us what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, and what we expect of one another. More importantly, it tells us what to expect from ourselves.

Chocolate bars have a gender identity. Since most chocolate advertisements are geared toward women, Snickers had a brilliant idea. The Snickers advertisement is a clear example of how sexism hurt men. Their main advertisement slogan depicts that “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” The advertisement takes place in Australia and is starred by builders and construction workers. The advertisement begins with the following question: “What happens when builders aren’t themselves?” It continues onto clips of builders yelling at random women walking across their construction site.

“Hey! Darling! You have yourself a lovely day.”

“Hey, that color really works on you. Have a productive day!”

“You wanna hear a filthy word? Gender bias.”

“I’d like to show you the respect you deserve.”

“I appreciate your appearance as just one aspect of who you are.”

“You know what I’d like to see? Society in which the objective occasion of women makes life a gender-neutral interaction—free from assumptions and expectations.”

“What do we want? Equality!”

“What don’t we want? Misogyny!”

It was alright. Until they flashed their slogan. “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

It’s synonymous with stating that men, when they’re hungry and aren’t in their natural state, are respectful to women. The women casted in the advertisements looked at the builders in disbelief as if there was no man, in his right mind, would ever treat them with respect. They laughed at the builders for wanting gender equality—laughed at what they said as if they were in utter disbelief that men would believe that women are also people. This means that when men are in their natural state—satisfied by a bar of Snickers—they return to being sexist.

Men shouldn’t be told that to be true to their gender identity—they need to treat the opposite gender like trash and as something less than a person and a human being. They should be taught to treat women and themselves with love and respect. This treatment of equality shouldn’t be a hilarious matter of subject to women. It should be expected.

“What do we want? Misogyny!”

“What don’t we want? Equality!”



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2 thoughts on “Sexism Hurts Women. And Men Too.

  1. Hi, nice post! Most of my friends are men and since I am a tiny bit interested in this subject, we talk about gender stereotyping. They are all aware about the stuff that is sexist to women but suprisingly not that aware of things directed at them. I find that interesting. Anyway, keep ut the good work!

    • nguyenmariah on said:

      Thank you! I’m hoping that this post will be added to the conversation. We need to talk about how misogynistic ideals hurt men too.

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