Perhaps it will…

Perhaps it will happen when you are rejected by your dream school. Maybe you’ll know you’re an average person when you bite off more than you can chew and end up barely finishing what you started, and with mediocre results. It will happen when you struggle to read just the first page of Ulysses, or when you give it all only to get acceptable grades while you see someone else getting perfect marks without overstraining themselves. Perhaps you’ll realize you are “book smart” enough, but you will find yourself lacking intelligence in the emotional department. You will find yourself unable to empathize, and the feeling of inadequacy will be raw and new for you, and it will hit you harder because you’re so used to scholastic achievement that you think success is a natural part of life and failure is just a rarity.

One Day, You’ll Realize You’re Not Smart Enough by VIRGINIA CASTIGLIONE

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